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Assistant Conductor 2023/24 - Gabriela Opacka-Boccadoro

KCLSO offer the opportunity of an Assistant Conductor position to a KCL music student for a season, providing extremely valuable orchestral conducting experience with one-to-one coaching from our Musical Director. Previous Assistant Conductors have gone on to undertake postgraduate conducting studies at institutions including the Royal Academy of Music and Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory.

Information about applications for this role, when open, will be posted below...

We are delighted to announce that our newest Assistant Conductor for 2023/24 is Gabriela Opacka-Boccadoro 

Rita Fernandes AC-2020

Rita Fernandes - Assistant Conductor 2020

Dominic Blanchard AC-2019

Dominic Blanchard - Assistant Conductor 2019

Stefan Cunningham AC-2018

Stefan Cunningham - Assistant Conductor 2018

Igor Maia AC-2017

Igor Maia – Assistant Conductor 2017

Jeremy Walker AC-2016

Jeremy Walker – Assistant Conductor 2016

Matthew O'Keefe AC-2015

Matthew O’Keefe – Assistant Conductor 2015

Johann Von Stuckenbruck AC-2013

Johann Von Stuckenbruck – Assistant Conductor 2013

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