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KCLSO Committee 2022/23

We are delighted to announce the committee for 2022/23:

President - Nicholas Bacon

Vice-President - James Upton

Orchestral Managers - Sunny Duan, Oscar Eastman

Treasurer - Erell Mourouga

Librarian - Naima Heath

Media & Marketing - Melis Elgin, Casey Lim

Social Secretaries - Grace Pang, Clara Richards
Well-being Officer - Poppy Ellis Logan

Tour Managers - Nicholas Bacon, George Titterton

Admin/Outreach - Aliyah Kassam

Advisory - Alexander Dior

KCLSO Committee 2021/22

President: Eugenie Dalgleish
Vice-President: Alex Dior

Orchestral Manager: Samuel Teale Chadwick
Treasurer: Erell Mourouga
Librarian: Chaerin Han
PR/Marketing: Wu Shuang

Tour Manager: Nick Bacon

Social Secretary: Oscar Eastman

Well-being Officer: Erik Thurston

Musical Director: Ondrej Soukup
Assistant Conductor: Phoebus Kyriakoudis


Committee 2019/20

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